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What are the best spy novels of 2016? During the course of the year, we’ll review the top espionage thrillers, some of which may become bestsellers and others that

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Plot summary, trailer, cast and crew information, user reviews, and message board.

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“The Thin Man”, “Charade”, “The Lady Vanishes”, “Clue”, & “Grosse Pointe Blank” are The Best Comedy Thrillers of All Time on Flickchart.

Viewers who can’t bear to watch gay teens kissing will miss out on one of the year’s most fascinating TV thrillers.

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Can any of these be considered “feminist” or pass the bechdel test? I’m looking for psychosexual thrillers with strong female, feminist leads.

The Best Movie Ever: Erotic Thrillers Before you see ‘The man Next Door,’ see the films our critics are calling the best erotic thrillers ever made.

Jul 06, 2015 · Summer and suspense fiction go together like the Fourth of July and firecrackers. Book critic Maureen Corrigan recommends four books that are deadly

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Unfortunately, too often, thrillers aren’t really that ‘thrilling’. Like horror, it is hard to avoid cliches when it comes to writing and directing thriller movies.

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20 Erotic Thrillers You Must See Before You Die. Bunny boilers, sex-obsessed teenagers, and Sharon Stone’s crotch.

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