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MASTURBATION: What the Bible says about masturbation. Sponsored link. Overview of Bible passages about masturbation: In the past, Christian leaders have mainly

Question: “Masturbation – is it a sin according to the Bible?” Answer: The Bible does not mention masturbation or state whether or not masturbation is a sin.

While everyone seems to know the Bad teen’s Bible as the place where you can learn how to drive your man wild with pleasure, today I want to take a slightly

Answer: There are four reasons why everyone automatically knows by instinct and by nature that masturbation is a mortal sin against both nature and God.

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Masturbation information for teenage mans. Addresses wrong ideas and answers lots of silent questions. Big relief to many mans to know they are actually normal!

What The Bible Says about Masturbation. Sex is God’s invention. He is the mastermind behind it—and His creation is worth far more to Him than it is to us. This

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Nov 05, 2011 · What Does the Bible Say About Self Gratification? What Does the Bible Say About Masturbation? – Duration: 5:38. Love City TV 11,223 views

Learn how to have incredible orgasms using these powerful masturbation techniques. The detailed illustrations will show you exactly what to do.

What does the Bible say about masturbating? Is it a gift of God, or a sin? Why is this not more often taught on within the faith?

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Onan (Hebrew: אוֹנָן, Modern Onan, Tiberian ʼÔnān; “Strong”) is a biblical person in the Book of Genesis chapter 38, who was the second son of Judah.

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