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I’m not aware of a proper term. Terms that I’ve heard or read include: bald, bald-by-choice, shaved, smooth, hairless, skinhead, Mr. Clean, cue-balled, and smooth

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Want to look 13% stronger? Shave your head. At least that’s the finding from a new research project which suggests that men who take the preemptive step of shaving

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Now that the hair is gone there is not much to style. Or is there? Have you tried being bald with a beard?

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It was me now who woke up first and I brushed my hairdresser’s dick and balls with my Mohawk to wake him up as well. I still had my head between his legs being on my

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Keke Palmer revealed why she shaved her head in a new interview — details

Search for nude photos by naked model’s hair color: blonde, brunette, black, red or shaved: Index of nude models with a shaved, bald head

Feb 23, 2017 · Video embedded · I finally shaved my head! This has been one of the most requested things fans have asked me to do for along time. But I also had no choice. The

Dec 11, 2013 · This video will show you an alternative to bonding onto your hair or scalp when you have very short hair, or a shaved bald head, with or without bond.

Thinking about shaving your head? Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about going bald.

Dec 08, 2012 · Watch Japanese Women Get Their Heads Shaved Bald in Bizarre Fetish DVD Series, Tonsure Market. Steven Dec 8, 2012; Tweet

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