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How to Dress Vintage. Wearing vintage clothing has never been so popular as it is today; with nearly a hundred years of style to choose from, there is a vintage look

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Vintage Clothing for Men: We specialize in UNWORN 1970’s clothing – Mens Disco Clothes, 1970’s Disco Shirts, 70s Leisure Suits, Platform Shoes, and more

Get into the groove in this classic 1960s A-line dress that works for day or night; depending on fabric choice. This pattern features sleeveless or long sleeve dress

From dress up games with retro clothes, the type of clothes you can pick up in thrift stores or chic vintage boutiques, to dress up games with historical period

Vintage Sewing Patterns,Vogue Paris Original , Vogue Couturier Design Patterns,1000s of authentic original vintage sewing dress making patterns for sale from 1900 to

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Looking for vintage-inspired pieces for your special event or any day? Fall in love with great options from FREE SHIPPING over $150.

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Drawing inspiration from vintage dress designs you are sure to find parallels in today’s trends.

Finally the Vintage feedsack dress. tutorial! I know you were all on pins and needles this entire time waiting for it huh? chirp chirp… no? That’s ok, I won’t

Dorothea’s Closet.. The new look in vintage! We buy whole estates so you can dress yourself in vintage head to toe. Please browse our vintage clothing selections

Love that dimple! Ok, enough gushing about my cutie pants teen, how’s about that dress? I’m calling it the Vintage Heirloom dress, because:

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