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Hello guys. Recently, I’ve been creating smooth normal maps from high poly models, and I’ve started to notice that saving them directly in 8 bit generates a lot

1/43. These female video game characters have more than just skill, stamina and wit. They have breasts that go up, up, down, down, leftโ€ฆyou get the point.

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YOU NEED GGMOD FOR THE SHOES TO WORK CORRECTLY. This outfit is a request. I also did most of it from scratch. The top is a heavily modified bunny suit, since it had

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Neneko is an incredibly pretty Taiwanese Cosplay teen, though most of the characters she dresses up as, I totally don’t recognize. I guess she prefers watching less

When the World Warriors meet the Night Warriors โ€“ they’ll raise Hell! Pre-order the FA exclusive cover, or any Udon Art Book for a chance to win a MadCatz TE and

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Morrigan Aensland is a fictional character in the video game series Darkstalkers. She first

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