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CDC recommends that pregnant women should not travel to areas with risk of Zika virus infection. This includes all areas with documented or likely Zika virus

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Women and Birth publishes on all matters that affect women and birth, from pre-conceptual counselling, through pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.

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Associated terms for pregnancy are gravid and parous. Gravidus and gravid come from the Latin for “heavy” and a pregnant female is sometimes referred to as a gravida.

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Get answers to all of your pregnancy questions and learn what you can do before, during, and after pregnancy to give your baby a heathy start to life.

Learn about getting pregnant, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy stages, pregnancy complications, giving birth, and more from the editors of Parents magazine.

Pregnant Women with Any Laboratory Evidence of Possible Zika Virus Infection in the United States and Territories

A healthy pregnancy starts before you become pregnant.

BackgroundZika virus (ZIKV) has been linked to central nervous system malformations in fetuses. To characterize the spectrum of ZIKV disease in pregnant women and

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Feb 03, 2014 · Research shows that the theutic benefits of drinking coffee do not apply to pregnant women.

At 23 weeks pregnant, learn about crazy mood swings, Braxton Hicks contractions, birth and pregnancy symptoms.

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